First Day of 11th Grade

 Trevor is midway through the first semester of his junior year of high school. Where does the time go?!

First Day of 11th Grade (affiliate link)

As a junior in the Early College program, he is taking four high school classes and two college classes. Interestingly, the four high school classes all take place on the college campus, while the two college classes don't! (They're online.) His high school classes include: English 11, Race and Social Justice, Chemistry, and College Readiness 11. Each of those is a year-long class. His college classes, which last a semester, are Statistics and World Geography (which also has a lab). He hopes to take California History and Environmental Studies when the next semester starts up in January.  


  1. Hi Cindy! Come on - Trevor is a junior in high school already?! It can't be!! Time is flying by so quickly. I absolutely adore this wonderful scrapbook page you made documenting 11th grade for Trevor. WOW!


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