North Carolina 2022

The BYSS World Series is over and I'm happy to report that my team, the Scrappin' Banshees, swept it 3-0. The last game was really close, but we pulled it out! Now that it has ended, I'm back to my regular scrapping, at least until their next contest starts. 

First up, this page about our time in North Carolina in January. As is the case with most places we visit, we loved it and could have spent much more time exploring. There's always so much to see and do. I picked photos of some of our favorites to include on the layout. Steve and I are each on the page twice. Trevor appears four times. Can you spot them all? Look closely!
In putting together the layout, I started with this sticker set from Paper House Productions (affiliate link here and below) and built the color scheme around the title sticker. I layered that over a heart I cut from cardstock. I added Black Diamond Stickles to the state sticker, which I paired with the flag and the cardinal. 

North Carolina, we'll be back!

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  1. You are great at utilizing the grid layout...another awesome piece!


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