Wanted Poster Hidden Money Gift

My nephew, Timothy, just turned 22 (!). As always, I came up with a creative money gift for him. This year's is based on a wanted poster. It offers a $36 reward for finding 'The DC Gang.' 

I started by taking the same portraits I used for last year's Presidential Trading Cards and converting them to sepia. I arranged them on a blank document and added the text above and below. I printed the poster onto cream copy paper (affiliate link here and below). 

The next step was hiding the four members of The DC Gang. I took the two most recent issues of Scout Life magazine and looked for places where I could attach a bill and have it look like the portrait connected to the body in the magazine. I attached each bill with Micro Glue Dots, then gave the magazines a good shake to make sure they were firmly attached. 

Then I wrote a note with information about where the gang members were last spotted. They corresponded to the places in the magazine where the bill was hidden. For example, this photo of Andrew Jackson shows him rock climbing in Palo Duro Canyon. George Washington (above) is playing football in Los Angeles.

Happy birthday, Timothy! 


  1. Love that Timothy always has to "work" for his money gift. I'm Chinese...when I want to give someone money, I just put it in a red packet. *LOL*

    1. I may have to resort to that. It's getting harder and harder thinking up ideas!


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