Spaghetti and Meatballs Crazy Hair Day

I love costumes, but I wasn't planning to dress up for Halloween this year. Trevor didn't want to wear one, so I hadn't prepared a family costume like I usually do. Then Halloween came and I was bummed to not dress up. Around noon, I decided to make myself a quick and easy costume.

This costume takes advantage of the fact that my hair is blonde and really long right now. While it was my Halloween look, I think it's better described as a fun idea for Crazy Hair Day. Affiliate links below. 

Spaghetti and Meatballs Crazy Hair Day



Put your hair into a high, tight ponytail. Ideally, you want it directly on top of your head. Cut an X in the bottom of the plastic bowl, then thread it onto the ponytail until it is resting against your head. It should be comfortable and completely secure. Arrange your hair inside the bowl to resemble spaghetti. Pin it if necessary. I just left mine loose. 

Cut apart the brown socks (avoiding the toe seam, the cuffs, and any threadbare heels) and use them to cover the styrofoam balls. Stretch the fabric tightly and glue it in place, then trim any excess. As you can see, my first meatball (in the background) has a toe seam in it. I didn't end up using it. 

Glue a bobby pin to each meatball, covering the place where the fabric is gathered. When the glue is completely dry, attach the meatballs to your hair. Then poke a fork into your hair. I used a real fork, which was not ideal. It slumped a bit and I had to readjust it a couple of times. It's much better to use one of the metallic-looking plastic forks. 

Cut a triangle from a long side of an 8.5" x 11" piece of chipboard. Lay it on top of the checked fabric. Cut the fabric so that it extends 3 or 4" beyond the chipboard in each direction. Glue the fabric to the chipboard, then cut a slit in the fabric on the side with the missing triangle. The slit should extend all the way to the point of the triangle. 

With the slit facing you, gently slide the fabric-covered chipboard onto the top of your head. It will sit under the bowl and be very secure. Other than the fork slipping, the whole thing was very comfortable and stayed in place for the 8+ hours that I wore it.   

Steve will wear whatever I tell him to (yet another of the many things I love about him), so I brainstormed a coordinating costume for him to wear. The hay was Steve's idea. Can you tell what we are, standing next to each other and "reading" our outfit from left to right? 

We're a spaghetti western. Clever, right?! 

Hopefully I can talk Trevor into dressing up with us next year, but if not, I'm going to plan something for Steve and me. Halloween is fun no matter what, but I love it even more when I'm dressed up. 

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