Outdoor Adventure, March-August 2022

Trevor's Scout troop is very active and he goes on almost all of the outings. It's rare that I make scrapbook pages about his individual trips, and even rarer to document his participation in service projects, trainings, or meetings. Instead, I like to combine activities onto a layout. 

This page has one or two photos from the weekend trips he took in March, April, May, June, and August, as well as the week at summer camp in July. Together, they are a good reminder of fun times with his Scout friends. 

Outdoor Adventure (affiliate link)

I've been holding onto that background paper for a long time and I've finally convinced myself to use it. I love the pine tree print. The reverse has pinecones, which I also love. The colors were too perfect with these photos to hoard the paper any longer. Out of the stash and into the album! 

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