Bold Bloom and Grow Flowers in the Sketchbook

I played with bright colors for this bold two-page spread in my sketchbook. It was a lot of fun to do and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Obviously, you don't need to do this project in a sketchbook. A bunch of these grouped together on a classroom bulletin board would look amazing! Affiliate links below. 

Bold Bloom and Grow Flowers



Lightly sketch a circle on your page. It can be in the center or off-center. Paint the circle yellow. Paint petals coming out from the center and extending to the edge of the page in the color(s) of your choice. I did the orange flower first and didn't wash my brush before doing the pink one, which is why it has some color variation. Don't worry if your petals aren't straight or if you get paint between them. It will get covered.  

When the paint is completely dry, outline all of the petals with a black paint pen. You can fill in any white spaces with that pen, or you can use black paint. 

When the black paint is dry, place a piece of scratch paper on the center of the flower and write the word of your choice (Bloom, Grow, Love, Enjoy... whatever) so that it stretches from one side to the other. Then turn that piece of paper upside down and scribble on it with pencil. Turn it right side up, position it where you want it, then trace over the lines.

Trace the pencil guidelines with the black paint pen. Obviously, you could do this freehand if you want. 

I love how my two pages look together. 

If any of you do this with a group and fill a bulletin board, please send me a photo! I'd love to see them. 

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