Connecticut 2023

We've been traveling a lot (obviously) which means that I have a lot of trips to get into the scrapbook albums. Here is the page from our time in Connecticut in June. 

Connecticut 2023 (affiliate link)

I tried to get as much onto the page as possible. You'll see photos of the places we went (the Pez Visitor Center was our favorite), the food we tried (steamers and apizza - yum!), and the symbols of Connecticut that you see all over. There is their flag, of course, as well as the Charter Oak. And I couldn't forget Nathan Hale who is Connecticut's official State Hero. As far as I know, no other state has an official State Hero... but apparently not everyone thinks the legislature got it right. The governor would have voted differently. Nevertheless, I put him (Hale, not the governor) onto the layout. 

The title was really easy. The word and the leaf came from this sticker sheet (affiliate link). 

We really enjoyed our time in Connecticut and I'm happy to have the page in the album. 

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