New Hampshire 2023

When I have a lot of travel pages to do, I pick out the easiest ones first and do those. Because we only spent 24 hours in New Hampshire, I had hundreds of photos to choose from instead of thousands. I ended up using nine photos on my layout. 

New Hampshire 2023 (affiliate link)

I didn't include any photos from our brief time at Dartmouth. Instead, I focused on Concord and Portsmouth where we did a lot more. By the way, the flag in the grid is a photo; the lighthouse under the title is a sticker by Paper House Productions

I like that the lighthouse sticker and the lighthouse photo we took provide a sort of bookends for the layout. 

Speaking of bookends, I've been debating what to do when I eventually scrapbook our time in Massachusetts. Ordinarily, I'd do a single page for multiple cities in the same state, but in this case we visited Plymouth and Cape Cod at the beginning of our trip and Salem, Lexington, Concord, Cambridge, and Boston at the end of the trip, with four states in between. I've decided to do two pages for Massachusetts so that they will be in the album in chronological order. I've done this once before, when we visited Annapolis at the beginning of a multi-state trip and Baltimore at the end of the trip. I may change my mind before I actually get around to scrapping Massachusetts, but for now that's the plan. 

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  1. Really elegant-looking layout...looks like a brochure!


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