Serendipity Zombie Drawings

I hate hearing people say that they can't draw. Of course you can draw! Maybe you can't draw realistic portraits because you haven't been taught how and haven't practiced enough, but you certainly can draw. Today's zombie project is perfect for people who "can't draw." Zombies aren't real, so there's no right or wrong when it comes to drawing them. Literally anything goes! 

This is my first-ever attempt at drawing zombies. 

I'm calling these Serendipity Zombies because I started by drawing random shapes on a piece of paper. I didn't try to make face shapes or think about how each would look as a zombie - I just drew rounded shapes using a black flair pen (affiliate link here and below). 

Then I started drawing details (bulging eyes, gaping mouths, exposed brains, missing teeth, random wounds...) in each one. 

Then it was time to color. While I spent less than 5 minutes total drawing the faces, I took my time coloring so that I could practice blending and shading with my Ohuhus. I limited myself to using one set (rather than using all 460?? markers) so that I'd be forced to blend. I chose the Kaala Landscape set, one of my very favorites. 

I will be doing this again because it was SO MUCH FUN! 

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