1000 Days of Duolingo!

Yesterday I hit a big milestone in Duolingo: a 1000-day streak! Since I began relearning Spanish in January 2021, I have not missed a single day. I'm proud of that and am so happy with the progress I'm making. 

Duolingo is constantly introducing new features. One of the newer features is the ability to make your own avatar, Duo-style. This is mine:

You might remember that I drew myself as a Duolingo character around this time last year. I haven't looked at it in 13 months, so I thought it would be fun to compare what I drew from scratch then using Duolingo's illustration guidelines with what I made now with the avatar creator. 

Side by side, there are definitely similarities, but plenty of differences too. Necks are rare in the Duolingo universe - most characters don't have visible necks and, with the exception of Lin, all the necks that exist are covered by clothing (like in the avatar version of me). Open mouths aren't black; I should have used a closed mouth or colored the open mouth differently. Eyes tend to be ovals (or half-ovals), not round. My avatar nose is much smaller and my face much blockier than my scratch-drawn version. 


I love everything about Duolingo, including my new avatar. 

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