BYSS World Series 2023: Rhode Island

Our opponents took Game 2 of the BYSS World Series by just a few points, so the series is all tied up. It's a 3-game series, so whoever wins this week takes it all. Go, Banshees!

This is my contribution for Game 3: 

Rhode Island '23 (affiliate link)

And here are the elements we had to include: 

I honestly thought I wouldn't be able to make a layout with the photos I had on hand that included all of the Grand Slam elements. But I did! Putting 4 of the elements in one place (a title tag with washi tape, ribbon, and a critter) left space for me to include 8 photos on my page. Then I doodled the border under my journaling. 

Do I love the page? No, but I don't hate it. It bugs me that the margins aren't all the same and that the ribbon on the tag goes beyond the edge of the layout. I'm going to put it in the album as is, but I may go back and chop off the top of the tag so that I can center everything properly. Then there's the chicken. We didn't actually see Rhode Island Reds while were were in Rhode Island. But they did appear on stuff in various gift shops, so I didn't feel too weird about putting a random chicken on my layout. If "critter" wasn't a challenge requirement, I would have put the flag or the anchor sticker there instead. 

Game 3 doesn't close until tonight, so I'm hoping to whip out another project before time is up and earn extra points for the Banshees. You can substitute two cards for one layout, so that's my plan. Critter and washi and tag cards, oh my!   

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