Trick or Treat Halloween Jar Coloring Page

I was in the mood to color, so I pulled out my awesomely huge collection of Ohuhu markers and drew this:

Halloween crafts are so much fun! I loved deciding what trick or treat options someone might put in jars on their shelves. In retrospect, perhaps the eyeballs should have gone into a jar with a larger opening though. 

Below you'll find all the steps I did to make my drawing. If you want to skip the first steps and print out my line drawing as a coloring page, feel free. Affiliate links below. 


Trick or Treat Halloween Jar Coloring Page



Fold a scrap of cardstock in half. Cut out half-jar shapes along the fold so that they open to make a complete jar. Repeat with jars of different shapes and sizes, making sure they'll fit nicely on the drawing paper you're using.  

Use the fineliner to draw two horizontal lines on your drawing paper. These are the shelves. Position your jars the way you want them, then add a tiny dab of repositionable adhesive to the back of the jars to hold them in place. Carefully trace around each jar, then remove them. 

Add labels to your jars. 

Now grab those Ohuhus and start coloring! Fill each of the TRICK jars with something creepy and each of the TREAT jars with something tasty. You can color first and then outline in black, or outline first and then color. Both work. Obviously, you could also sketch your ideas with a pencil first. When you've filled your jars, you can add lids and stoppers. Or not. I toyed with the idea of leaving the lid off the spiders and putting them all over the page. 

The last step is coloring the background, which really makes the jars pop. I used a single Ohuhu pen to make the wood paneling. You can get great variegation by laying down different amounts of ink. 

If you're seeing this on the day I published it, Amazon has an AMAZING sale on Ohuhu markers right now! Check out all the different styles and sets. I've never seen a better price on alcohol markers, and Ohuhu makes some of the best.

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