6 Ways to Prepare Kids for the Total Solar Eclipse

The North American total solar eclipse is two weeks from today. I thought I'd share some ideas for things you can do with kids to prepare them for the eclipse. Affiliate links below. 


How to Prepare Kids for the Total Solar Eclipse

1. Read books about eclipses. 

Get some books that explain eclipses in language kids can understand. Read them multiple times before the eclipse to build familiarity. These are some of my favorites. 


2. Make eclipse art. 

I made this chalk eclipse art project back in 2017 for the last total solar eclipse. It's a lot of fun and easy for kids of all ages to do. 

Eclipse art project using chalk

3. Practice wearing glasses. 

Most kids do not wear glasses regularly, but it's extremely important that they wear safe solar viewing glasses when viewing an eclipse. Practice now. Choose glasses that look completely different from the child's regular sunglasses - you don't want them thinking they can use those to view the sun. I like these because the characters printed on them are a helpful reminder that these are the ONLY glasses that are safe for looking at the sun. 

4. Make a working eclipse model. 

A simple model can really help kids understand why an eclipse happens. This video shows how to make your own. 

5. Do some activity books. 

Puzzles, games, and activities will help reinforce kids' understanding of an eclipse. Here are two specifically about our 2024 total solar eclipse. 


6. Buy some moon and sun themed snacks for the big day. 

The moon isn't really made out of cheese, but Sun Chips are produced using solar energy. Pick out some special treats to enjoy during the eclipse. 


Are you in the path of totality? Will you be traveling to it? Let me know in the comments!

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