Where I've Been in the United States

Because I've visited all 50 states, it's reasonable for me to display a map like this to show where I've been:

But I haven't been to every town in every state. (Has anyone? Is that even possible? Maybe Johnny Cash has.) This is a better representation of where I've been: 

I'm not sure this includes all the places I went as a kid, particularly in Washington and Oregon. But even if it's missing a few places, my map reveals some very interesting stuff. At least to me. I hope you find it interesting, too.
  • I have never driven across the Rocky Mountains. Every single time I've crossed the Rockies, it has been in an airplane. 
  • I've crossed the Mississippi River by car in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Louisiana. We did a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi in Missouri, but never crossed the river by car. 
  • Despite the fact that Canada and the US share the longest land border in the world (5525 miles, with 119 legal land crossings), I've crossed the border into Canada by car in only two places. The first was from my grandparents' house in Washington when I was a kid, then the second involved time at the US Detention Center in Detroit. I've arrived by plane or ship all the other times I've been to Canada. 
  • I've crossed the border into Mexico by car (bus, actually) in only one place: San Ysidro/Tijuana. My other visits to Mexico have been by ship.  
  • I've been to all 50 states, but some have been seriously short-changed. Wyoming, Kansas, New York, and Maine in particular. 
  • I've also seriously short-changed the Gulf Coast
  • Our six-state New England adventure stands out as one of the few round-trip journeys we've made. We usually fly into one airport and out from another in order to maximize what we can see. Our trip that started and ended in Maryland was round-trip also. 
There's a lot of the US left for me to visit. I'll be adding a tiny bit of yellow to the map in about a month. I'm looking forward to that trip!

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  1. Very cool. I have a ways to go to hit all 50 states!


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