Easter Bunny Gift Tags (What to Do with Old Business Cards)

I recently came across some outdated business cards. Rather than getting rid of them, I turned them into bunny gift tags that I can put on Easter gifts. Obviously, you can make these with plain paper, but it's fun to repurpose business cards that are no longer useful. Affiliate links below. 

Easter Bunny Gift Tags (Made from Old Business Cards)



Cover the printing on the business card with a thin coat of gesso. Add a second coat if the business information still shows through. 

When the gesso is dry, paint the business cards in the pastel colors of your choice. Let them dry, then paint bunnies onto the cards. I intentionally painted my bunnies in different colors and sizes. 

When the paint is dry, use the micron pen to outline the bunnies and add facial features. Again, I made each bunny unique. 

Snip off the upper corners of the business cards to create the tag shape, then punch a hole in each. Add coordinating ribbon. The back of the tags are blank, so you can add a name or a short message there. 

This is the first rabbit craft I've done in over a year since my heart was broken into a thousand pieces. Having Brayden here helps, but I miss Trouble every single day. It's less painful as time passes and I'm glad to be able to make rabbit crafts again. 

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