When Trevor was 9, his dentist said that he would need braces, probably around age 12. At each checkup for the next two years, we heard the same thing. Braces around age 12. But by 12, things had changed a bit. He had some crowding, but it was cosmetic and braces were optional. 

We heard the same thing until he was 17, when the problem was no longer cosmetic. His upper teeth were scraping his lower teeth and causing wear. We got a second opinion, which confirmed the damage. Braces now, or crowns in his 30's. That was an easy decision. Braces now. 

Trevor got his braces on in October. So far, so good. They aren't nearly as bad as he'd expected. He'll have them for 18 months, with appointments every six to eight weeks. That means he'll get them off sometime toward the end of his freshman year of college. Not ideal, but it could be worse. With him attending college so close to home (about 30 miles away), he'll be able to keep the same orthodontist.  

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