Brayden in the Laundry

Apparently, laundry is very interesting to rabbits. 

Brayden in the Laundry (affiliate link)

Trouble used to play in the laundry, but mostly he just liked gooing on certain fabrics. He never used teeth; he just enjoyed having fabric in his mouth. Brayden is just as interested in the laundry, but unfortunately, he does use his teeth to chew on the fabric. So this layout documents the first (and last) time I allowed him to play in the laundry. 

While there are plenty of similarities between Trouble and Brayden, they are more differences. Trouble was more brave and felt strongly that the entire house was his. Brayden still hasn't even entered multiple rooms that are accessible to him. Trouble was more comfortable on the hardwood floor than Brayden. In his youth, Trouble regularly jumped up onto the couch, chairs, and even the dining room table. Brayden doesn't. He's more likely to climb onto a box, but that's as high as he goes. Brayden is much more of a chewer. He doesn't play catch with us, nor does he throw his toys around. He doesn't enjoy being petted as much as Trouble did and he acts like we're murdering him if we even think about trimming his nails. Brayden sleeps or relaxes out in the open; Trouble was much more concerned about predators, especially from above, and always made sure he was under something before he relaxed. Brayden isn't a begger like Trouble was; a crinkle in the kitchen surely meant that he deserved a treat. I could go on and on. Brayden is more independent, while Trouble usually wanted to be in the action, involved in whatever we were doing. One of these days, I'll make a layout comparing and contrasting them. 

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