Easter Morning Empty Tomb Craft

I'm teaching an Easter-themed craft at church on Sunday. I made two versions and I'd love to hear which you prefer. In both cases, the empty tomb and the rolled away stone are popped up, adding dimension to the project.

Choice A is at the very break of dawn, with pinks, oranges, and yellows in the sky. The empty tomb and crosses are black in shadow.  

Choice B is later on Easter morning, with blues, yellows, and just a hint of orange in the sky. The empty tomb and crosses are brown. 

As I said, I'm curious to hear which you prefer. I'm going to have supplies for both options available when I'm teaching. Affiliate links below. 

Easter Morning Empty Tomb Craft



Print 'He is Risen' in the upper left corner of the white cardstock, then trim it to 8x8" (I chose this size because I can go in a shadowbox). Save the larger scrap; you'll be cutting it to place in the empty tomb. Use the inks and blending brushes to color the top half of the background paper as well as the scrap. 

Tear the black cardstock to make a hill. Trim it so that it is 8" wide and high enough to cover the white at the bottom of the paper. Use the black scraps to cut a tomb, round stone, and small strips for the crosses. I experimented with adding chalk to the tomb and stone, which is what you see below. I ended up cutting them down and using the backs. 

Glue the crosses together, then glue them and the hill to the background paper. Trim the inked scrap so that it fits behind the tomb opening, then glue it in place. 

Use the foam squares to adhere the tomb to the paper. Do the same with the stone; since it goes on top of the edge of the tomb, it will be raised twice as far off the base. 

The steps to make Choice B are basically the same, with one exception: it's difficult to tear chipboard. Use scissors for the hill. 

Remember to tell me in the comments which version you like better! I'm eager to see which the church members choose. 

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