First Day of 12th Grade

I made one layout for the third and final game of Bash Bowl 2024:

First Day of 12th Grade - scrapbook layout
First Day of 12th Grade (affiliate link)

I love the simplicity of this page. You may remember these custom papers; they add so much to the design. I especially love the pencil with Trevor's school and mascot.

I was really excited when I saw this week's Playbook. Everything on it is something I use. 

I thought I'd be able to score my first touchdown of the season, but I ended up earning 3 points for the Scrappin' Banshees. I could have added stamping to my page to get the touchdown, but I liked the page exactly how it was. I decided that was more important than earning two more points. Fortunately, those two points didn't make a difference. 

Twisted Scissors beat us again, sweeping the series. We'll get 'em next time! 


  1. Cindy, Did we look that young in 12th grade?

    1. Probably! He turned 17 two months before this photo. I've been meaning to make a scrapbook layout comparing Steve, Trevor, and me at the same ages. I'll probably use our senior photos. I think we took those in the fall of our senior year, just like Trevor did.


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