11 Fun Math Games and Crafts for Kids

Over the years, I've shared a bunch of my favorite fun math games and crafts for kids. It's time to compile them into one place! Most of these activities are appropriate for different ages, or are easily adapted to teach more basic or advanced skills. 

Fun Math Games and Crafts for Kids

Need a great way to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts? Or, just looking for a fun travel game? Tic-Tac-Toe dice is one of my favorites for 3rd grade and up. (Parents will love it too!)

This art project is a wonderful introduction to the geometric concept of tessellations. Kids are fascinated with tessellations and making your own is so much fun! 

I liked having this activity on hand as a choice for early finishers. It challenges kids in a way they aren't used to thinking and helps develop observational and fine motor skills.  

We all learned about the alligator wanting to chomp the larger number. This fun craft reinforces the greater than and less than symbols. 

Kids are obsessed with using compasses. This art project familiarizes them with how to hold use it to draw circles and arcs of all sizes. 

Memorizing multiplication facts is really, really important in order to be successful in virtually all of the math that comes after it. These bracelets are better than flash cards, because they're fun to make and they're with you all the time!

Butterflies are great for symmetry lessons, but making symme-trees is just as fun. Kids love a good math pun!

This autobiographical project is a great icebreaker and teaches multiple math skills. As a twist, you could make a version based on a famous person. Or make "The Percentages of Us" to learn all about the class as a parts of a whole. 

Most kids absolutely love prime factorization, but it takes up a lot of room on paper. By solving the problems with cereal, you can practice a bunch of problems with ease!

Challenge kids to design their own math homework using a newspaper! This assignment is super flexible and can be used with any grade of students.

This is one of my all-time favorite games and is also easily changed for different grade levels. Give it a try!

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