Angry Birds Poster

Trevor and Steve are big Angry Birds fans.  I've played it once, but video games are not my thing.  But crafts are, so when Trevor decided he wanted to make an Angry Birds poster, I was the one he asked for help.

He gathered his art materials, explained his vision and assigned me some jobs.  I was to make the red, blue and yellow birds and a pig while he made the structure, launcher, black bird, egg, pig mask (?), and a frying pan (??).

Of course I recognize what the Angry Birds look like, but I certainly don't have their characteristics memorized.  Trevor was quick to point out when I got the shape of something wrong and equally quick to tell me how to fix it.  Here are my three birds in progress:

And here is Trevor, hard at work on the launcher.  You can see some of his finished pieces in front of him.

Ever curious about everything, Trouble had to come check out what was going on.

When we finished making all the pieces, Trevor couldn't wait to glue them down and put up his poster.  I suggested that we use repositionable adhesive instead, which would allow him to move the pieces around and play with it.  So we did.  He was THRILLED with the results.  He has spent hours playing with it, which is really saying something.  Unlike most kids, Trevor doesn't do a lot of traditional playing.  Here he is with his finished poster:

That grin hasn't left his face!  He is so happy with how this turned out.  I'd encourage you to make your own poster (Angry Birds or something else) with repositionable adhesive.  Hours of fun!


  1. Soooooooooooo awesome!!!!! It turned out awesome!! I loveeeeeeeeee angry birds too!!!

  2. What a cool idea! My son would love this. I bet Trevor treasures it even more because he made it!

  3. Cindy, this is so much better than video games!!!!! I absolutely love this - Anne loves Angry Birds, too, so we need to give this a try!!!!!


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