Handprint Chick

Spring is almost here!  Trevor and I started our decorating by making handprint chicks. 

You'll need: yellow paper, orange paper, a pencil, scissors, a black pen and glue.

Start by tracing your hands on the yellow paper.  These will be the chick's wings.  Draw an oval body on the rest of the yellow paper.

Cut out the three yellow pieces, then cut a beak and legs from the orange paper.

Glue everything together.  Use the pen to draw the eyes.  I always have Trevor write his name and the date on the back of his artwork.  Sometimes he likes to give his project a title.  This is "Chicky."

It will be a lot of fun to pull this out in future years and see how Trevor's hands have grown and whether his handwriting changes!


  1. Super cute, and what a great idea!! :) My nephew made my MIL (his MiMi) a hand/footprint deer at Thanksgiving. You could do the same thing to make the chick's body (trace the foot like the hands). Only difference would be placement of the hands and colors. Wonder how many other things could be adapted this way?!? You have such GREAT ideas, Cindy! :)

  2. OMYGOSH!!! Tooooooooo cute!! I love it!

  3. What a fun idea! Soooo cute! :)


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