Spring Chicks

I like to have a project available whenever we have a friend over for a playdate.  If the kids need an icebreaker or seem to hit a lull, it's great to have a project prepped and ready. Since Trevor LOVES projects, he usually greets friends at the door with an announcement of what the day's project will be.  Fortunately, all his friends love projects too!

When Trevor's friend Faith came over, we made Spring Chicks.  To make these chicks, you need: construction paper (we used pink and yellow), background paper (we used white), small feathers, scissors, glue, googly eyes, and triangular or diamond shaped gems.  We also used alphabet stamps and ink.

Begin by cutting a round- or oval-shaped body from construction paper.  Glue it to the middle of the page.  Tuck one feather on each side of the body to make the wings.  Add two googly eyes and a diamond/triangle for a beak.

(Trevor has been wearing those bunny ears pretty much 
non-stop ever since we unpacked the Easter decorations.) 

Once your chick is done, you can stamp an Easter or spring message at the top of the paper.  Here are Trevor and Faith's.  Aren't they adorable?!  (Both the projects and the kids!)
Much like my son, I can't go a day without an art or craft project, so I always play along with the kids.  Faith's mom Natalie did too.  Here are all four of our finished chicks.  

Top row: mine, Trevor's (age 5)
Bottom row: Natalie's, Faith's (age 4)

I smile every time I see our Spring Chicks!


  1. These are ADORABLE!!!!! I love how they turned out!! And Trevor looks CUTE in his BUNNY ears!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! These are super duper cute! How totally fun to do crafts everyday with your kid!


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