Trevor's Easter Bunny Project

"Mommy, THIS is the project we will be doing tomorrow," said Trevor at bedtime, handing me a sketch. "We need blue, green, brown, grey and colorful paper, plus scissors, and I will tell you what to do. You may have some of your own ideas, but on some parts you need to do what I say."  

The sketch shows that we'd be using "papr" to cut out an Easter bunny, tree, and eggs, which would hide under a table, in the tree, and in some sort of can. The most recent Trevor-directed projects (our Angry Birds poster and this Snowman craft) were a great success, so I was looking forward to this.

The next day, after school, lunch, homework and chores, it was finally time for the project. Trevor put on his bunny ears and got to work. I waited for my instructions. He explained that we needed to make grass from the green paper by cutting out triangles. Then we were supposed to make a brown tree trunk and green leaves.

Next, we cut out a gray bunny. He was very particular about the way the bunny looked. He inspected my cut-out, then had me redo the arms to his satisfaction. Trevor's original plan was to cut out baskets, but he was tired at this point. He ended up drawing his baskets and other details. Finally, we cut eggs and hid them all around the drawing. He was very happy with how his turned out.

Here's a closer look at Trevor's artwork.

And here is mine.  It was a lot of fun to make.

For you parents out there: Do your kids ever teach you how to do craft projects, the way Trevor teaches me? I don't remember sitting my parents down when I was a kid and carefully explaining how to do a project I'd dreamed up. Maybe I did and just don't remember. Although I do remember making the neighborhood kids follow my instructions on how to make projects, now that I think about it!  


  1. Trevor is such a budding artist. I love the way you encourage his creativity. His sketch made me smile. I love the way he thought it all out. Great result too.

  2. Wow! Your kid is displaying serious leadership abilities at such a young age...kudos on your awesome upbringing! A fabulous project! :)


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