Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Trevor and I have been busy making Thanksgiving napkin rings. Aren't they cute?!

Materials: cardboard tube, brown paint, cardstock scraps (brown, yellows, oranges, and reds), scissors, glue, and googly eyes.  

Use the scissors to cut a 1-inch ring from the tube. Paint it brown, inside and out. Set it aside to dry. Use the brown cardstock to cut a pear-shaped turkey body. Add googly eyes, a triangle beak, and a wattle.  

Cut triangle feet. Bend one corner of each triangle up and apply glue. Attach to the back of the turkey body.

Glue the turkey body onto the dry cardboard ring. It should stand up. Here's Trevor with his.

Cut a variety of turkey feathers from the cardstock scraps. Attach to the back of the cardboard ring.

 Add a napkin and they're ready for the Thanksgiving table!  

I made the turkey at the top of this post. This turkey was one of Trevor's. Like the orange napkins? They're the ones Trevor made for the tablesetting contest he entered. Not only are they perfect for a bunny-themed luncheon, but they're great for all the fall holidays too!


  1. Cuteness! A really fun project.

    Hey,thought of you the other day. Did you see that CK has a call for now-and-then photos? The call is both for just the photos and a call for photos on a layout. I think you should submit to both. :)


  2. You all are so stinkin' creative!! I agree with Izzy that you should submit to that then and now call. Your then and now pages are always SO awesome.

  3. Cute! Love this craft project!:)

  4. Cute, creative, fun and inexpensive! The perfect Thanksgiving decor!


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