9 Wonderful Years

Happy anniversary to Steve, the most wonderful husband a woman ever had!

Cindy and Steve, 8th anniversary, 5/30/12

Here we are, nine years ago today, exchanging rings.  I love looking back on the layouts in the wedding album, even if I do occasionally cringe at how I was scrapping circa 2004....

This one is particularly special to me since Steve and I each wrote out what we said when we exchanged rings.  Writing by hand is difficult and often physically painful for Steve, so it is particularly special that he slowly and carefully printed out his words to preserve in the scrapbook.  It means so much to me.

Happy anniversary Steve!  Thank you for making the past 9 years the best years of my life.  I love you.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both!

  2. Happy anniversary, Cindy & Steve!

  3. Hey you two, I don't know if my earlier post went... but I suspect that it didn't.

    So....Happy day! Love from Bill & Jill

  4. Happy Anniversary! You two are a beautiful couple!

  5. Happy Anniversary, Cindy! :) I knew yours was the day after ours, I should've sent you a card! :) I spent part of my week looking back at our own albums from the wedding - isn't it crazy how time flies - 9 whole years - sometimes it seems like forever, yet it's gone so quickly!!! :) Congrats!

  6. Happy anniversary to you and Steve!! Isn't it amazing how quickly time passes?!?! Love those scrapbook layouts too. I really should get Brian to write in one too :)

  7. Happy anniversary to a lovely, talented couple!


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