Whole Orange Cake

I've mentioned our prolific orange tree many times.  This year, there are more oranges than ever before, which just didn't seem possible.  We eat oranges morning, noon and night. We've given dozens away.  The tree is still full.  It's May.  As far as problems go, it's a great problem.  

Last year, I discovered a recipe for Blender Quick Orange Bread that literally uses the whole orange, peel and all.  I was extremely wary about a bread made from orange peels and pith, but it was delicious and I've made it several times since.  Then I discovered another whole-orange recipe, Orange Cookies. Also delicious.

Now that I know that orange peels and pith do indeed make delicious baked goods, I was really excited to find a recipe for Whole Orange Cake in the March 2013 issue of Sunset Magazine.  I went outside and picked some good-sized oranges, washed them, cut them into chunks, and threw them in the blender.  Then I measured out 1.5 cups.  

The batter came together quickly and easily and smelled really good.

The house smelled amazing while it was baking.  The cake looked perfect when I removed it from the pan.  It was hard to wait to add the glaze.  

The verdict?  Absolutely fantastic!  Another great recipe to add to my file of what to do with a bumper crop of oranges.  

Anyone have any other great recipes using oranges?


  1. YUM!! I can just imagine how yummy it smelled, too! :)

  2. Awesome!! Looks delicious!! :) I'd suggest beverages -- citrus cocktails (juice of orange, juice of tangerine, some blood orange Italian soda from Trader Joe's, some citrus vodka - I can send you a link if you are interested) and orange Julius are good too! Have you searched oranges in pinterest?! I'm sure there are a bunch of ideas there too!! :)

  3. I'm intrigued by this... never heard of whole orange anything. Thanks I will try this. I wish I had your crop of oranges.

  4. Oooooooh....yummy! I love oranges.

    P/s: You can totally send some my way you know...*winks*

  5. I'm sure your house must have smelled amazing when you baked that. Yum. I know I would love this!


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