Back in Party Planning Mode

Trevor's birthday is in a little over a month. Being the advanced planners that we are, we've been brainstorming this party since approximately five minutes after last year's Lego Party ended. Trevor decided immediately that he wanted an Angry Birds theme, and he wanted his invitations to use the Angry Birds Shaped Cards he made.

I photographed his Red Bird on a piece of blue cardstock, leaving plenty of space for text. I cropped to 4x6, then added the text using Picasa. Then all we had to do was order prints.

Here's how the invitation turned out. I love that it incorporates Trevor's artwork.

So what else is in the works for the Angry Birds party? We're creating several themed games, goodie bags, decorations, a Red Bird pinata, of course, an Angry Birds cake. Stay tuned!


  1. my sons love angry birds!! your invitation is so cute

  2. It's fabulous that Trevor's work is incorporated in the invite... he knows he helped create it; wonderful (and very cute).

  3. Awesome!!! Love the angry birds theme and can't wait to see all the fun things you do for the party!!! :D

  4. I have a feeling I will refer back to Trevor's Angry Bird party often. Cory is crazy for Angry Birds. I feel certain it will be a theme for a party here sometime! The invitation is so cute and, like you, I love that incorporated Trevor's artwork.


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