Helping Hands

Today I'm sharing another of my National Scrapbook Day layouts. This was a recipe challenge at Scrapjazz.com. We had to mix together:

  • 1 piece of patterned paper for the background
  • 2 photos, any size
  • 1 envelope, any size
  • 2 different colors of washi tape

Once I clarified that it was ok to include extra pictures, I got right to work. For years, I've been wanting to tell the story of Trevor's volunteer work. Because I wanted the layout to be especially special, I've held off on making it. (Anyone else do that? Just me?) I'm glad I finally scrapped this. It turned out to be just as special as I'd hoped.

I started with four photos from some of Trevor's earliest experiences volunteering. I trimmed three of the photos to fit as a border along the bottom and edged them with two colors of washi tape. I matted the focal photo with a blue envelope. (First I checked that it was acid-free. It passed.) I secured that in place with more washi, then added the title.

Those handprints are actually Trevor's from when he was about 2 months old. I'd traced his hands onto green cardstock (no idea why I chose green), then carefully cut them out and set them aside. I knew I'd eventually want to make a project with his tiny handprints. For nearly 7 years, I've kept them stashed away for just the right purpose. I covered them with black ink and added them to the layout. I'm not usually nervous about journaling directly on the page, but this time I was. I loved the layout so much that I was really scared I'd botch the writing and ruin the layout. Fortunately, no problems.  
I love everything about this layout. I am so grateful that this challenge provided just the right mix of ingredients and inspiration to make this page so special to me.  


  1. Loveeeeeeeeee this!! LOVING the photos and the hands! And you aren't the only one ... I hold making stuff too ... just for that perfect fit :)

  2. What a wonderful page and great topic. LOVE this, Cindy.

  3. Awwww! How sweet is this?! You're right. The handprints work perfectly.

  4. How sweet! Love the handprints! :)

  5. LOVE this!!! You are so creative! :)

  6. Love this Cindy!! The hands are the perfect finish to this one!! :)


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