Dog Bone Ornaments

On the last day before winter break, Trevor's 2nd grade class spent the morning rotating through really fun holiday-themed stations.  I was in charge of the table where they made ornaments out of dog bones.  I had a great time and the kids did too.  I'm so glad Trevor's teacher works art and crafting into the curriculum as often as she does.  It makes me really, really sad when I hear about classrooms that don't do anything creative or artistic.

To make the ornament, each child chose one dog bone, two felt ears, two googly eyes, one pom pom nose, and holly leaves and berries.  The directions were simple: choose whether you want the words showing on the milk bone or not, then use hot glue to attach the ears, eyes, nose, and holly leaves and berries.  

When the ornament was assembled, each child glued a loop of ribbon to the back to create a hanger.  Here's Trevor with his finished ornament.

I didn't expect there to be all that much variety from ornament to ornament, as there aren't that many different ways to assemble eyes, a nose, and ears.  But the kids surprised me.  Each ornament was completely different from the next.  It was so fun to see their creativity shine through.  Here are some of the finished ornaments.
What a blessing to be in a classroom where creativity is encouraged and individuality is valued.


  1. OMYGOSH!!! These are ADORABLE!!! What a GREAT idea!!!!!!!!!

  2. That is so neat! It always amazes me how a group of kids can't take the same few items and have the end products turn out so different.

  3. SO CUTE!!!!! I definitely have to make these next year with my nephew and niece -- HOW ADORABLE!!!! :D

  4. OMGoodness, could you imagine if I put these on my tree?!? LOL!! :)


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