A Typical Layout

I've made seven layouts so far in 2014.  (The curling one isn't new.)  All seven are one-page spreads.  That's not surprising, as over the past five years or so, I've moved from doing about 95% double-page spreads to about 95% single-page layouts.  Of the seven single-page layouts from 2014, three of them feature 1 photo, two of them have 3 photos and two of them have 6 photos. I thought it was a weird coincidence that out of seven layouts, they all had 1, 3 or 6 photos on them.  But is it a coincidence, or do the majority of my layouts feature 1, 3 or 6 pictures?

I went back through all of the layouts I made for myself in 2013 (as opposed to gifts or scrap-for-hire) and tallied.  Here are my results:

  • 1 photo: 12 layouts
  • 2 photos: 11 layouts
  • 3 photos: 13 layouts
  • 4 photos: 2 layouts
  • 6 photos: 2 layouts
  • 7 photos: 1 layout
  • 12 photos: 1 layout

I didn't have any one-page layouts in 2013 with 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11 photos on them.

I was really surprised.  Three photos is my most common, but I didn't realize I'd done as many single-photo layouts as I had.  I would have expected more pages with lots of photos, as that is one of the things I'm known for... or, at least, it used to be! Apparently, I'm putting fewer photos on each page than I thought I was. Another interesting note: almost every one of my layouts with two photos on it is a Then & Now.

How about you?  Is your typical layout one-page or two?  How many photos do you put on a page? Has that changed over time?


  1. My typical is 2.
    I do a lot of 1 pagers but I always seem to feel a bit of guilt about them, like I'm wasting storage space.
    I like to have lots of picture son a layout so (for the above reason)... but sometimes I just don't have a lot of pictures for the event I'm scrapping. If I do, I print the pictures smaller or in a collage so I can fit them on a page w/out it looking too cluttered.

  2. What great stats! Mine varies, but when I scrap it's 99% two-pagers, the one-pages being a first page in a new album. I often have lots of photos, lots of grid designs, but I bet most of mine are in the 4-6 range.

  3. I have no clue where I would fall on this.... I know I do a lot of variety! LOL I'll have to go back and look when I can find a few spare minutes!!! :)

  4. I only do one pagers -- I think I maybe made one 2 pager last year ... and I usually stick to one photo :)

  5. That's interesting. I do tend to think of you as a multi-pic scrapbooker but I really love your one-photo pages. I was surprised, too, that you had done as many 1-photos layouts.

    Your post made me go look at my own stats. I am not sure I have all my work posted, but according to my gallery at two peas in a bucket, I made 47 layouts in 2013. Of those, 31 were one photo pages and 16 were multi-pic. I was surprised by that. I mean, I knew I trended toward one photo pages, but not that much!

  6. I loved reading this and found it so interesting! I do all one-page layouts now. Like you, I used to do all 2- page layouts and have gradually moved to doing all one pagers. I think I need to try a 2-pager again. Most of my layouts have only 1 photo, but some have 2 or three. I did do a few with blocked style where I used multi-photos.

  7. Very interesting. Off the top of my head, I would have said I do 80% 2-pagers. But I can't stand "off the top of my head" so I had to go count and I was dead wrong. In 2013 I actually made 20 1-pagers and only 17 doubles! Crazy. Lots of my doubles had 4 or 5 photos until I learned your trick of printing 4 2x3s as a 4x6...then I got as many as 24 photos on one page! Woo-hoo :)

    1. How interesting that you didn't realize how many single page layouts you'd made! I wonder if you're gradually transitioning away from 2-page layouts the way I did (without realizing it).

  8. I do multi-photo single-pagers. All of last year and moving forward...*fingers crossed* I only use single photos for altered projects that are displayed around the house or given as gifts. My focus is not to scrap as many photos as possible but to tell effective stories through the use of photos so that it would be fun to flip through the albums in the future.


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