Perler Bead Flags

We're huge fans of Perler Beads around here. While working on my Fun Family Crafts job, I found a pattern for an Olympic Flag made from Perler Beads and immediately printed it out for Trevor. Here's his finished flag.  

While Trevor made the Olympic flag, I got to work on a flag of my own. You might recall our First Annual Family Olympics last summer, where I represented St. Vincent and the Grenadines (and just missed making the medal stand). I got the idea in my head that I could make a flag necklace from Perler Beads to wear during the Family Olympics to intimidate my opponents (same logic as my Scrabble Necklace). It wasn't too hard to translate the St. V & G flag into Perler beads. I added some monofilament after I took the picture and it works perfectly as a necklace.

(Yes, I know I still owe a blog post about my connection to St. V & G. Soon.)

Trevor thought making a necklace for the Family Olympics was a great idea and decided he'd be making one too. He represented Mexico last summer but decided to switch to the Bahamas for next summer. (We visited the Bahamas during our cruise last fall and he really enjoyed it.) Fortunately, the flag of the Bahamas was also quite easy to translate to Perler beads.

Since Trevor and I now had flag necklaces for the Family Olympics, I asked Steve if he wanted to make one. Instead, he asked Trevor to make one for him, which Trevor happily did. Here is the flag of Lebanon (where Steve's maternal grandmother is from), in Perler bead form.  

I joked that we should have a friendly competition amongst us to see whether St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Bahamas, or Lebanon would earn the most medals during the Sochi Winter Olympics. I suspected that the two Caribbean nations and one Middle Eastern nation weren't exactly medal contenders and that we'd be tied at zero. When I looked it up, I learned that neither St. Vincent nor the Bahamas has any qualifying athletes for Sochi. Lebanon has two, both in alpine skiing. So Steve does have a chance to ace out Trevor and me. Let the Games begin!


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