Tiger Year

Steve and Trevor spent the weekend at a Cub Scout overnight at the Chabot Space and Science Center. They had a blast. I stayed home and was able to do a bunch of scrapping, so I have layouts to share all week. First up, appropriately enough, a Cub Scout layout...

Trevor started Cub Scouts last year as a first grader. We joined the small Pack that was getting started at Trevor's school, hoping to be able to help grow it into a larger, active group. Instead, as the year went on, the already-tiny Pack shrunk to the point that Trevor was the only one in his Tiger Cub den. That wasn't the Cub Scout experience we wanted for Trevor, so we spent the rest of his Tiger year with a variety of other Packs who kindly and graciously let us join them for meetings, activities, field trips, and events.

While it was not the situation we necessarily would have chosen, spending time with so many different Packs over the course of the year was a blessing in disguise. We met so many wonderful people, both boys and their leaders. We saw how different Packs run their meetings and activities. We learned a lot about what we wanted in a Pack and what would be best for Trevor. Knowing what was out there allowed us to make an informed decision about what Pack to join for Trevor's Wolf (second grade) year. We couldn't be happier with our new Pack.

For a long time, I wasn't sure how I wanted to scrap Trevor's Tiger Year and how exactly to tell the somewhat confusing story of how he came to be participating with so many different Packs. When I looked back through all the photos from Tiger meetings, field trips, and activities, I chose a dozen highlights from the year and decided to just put them all on one 2-page layout.

Instead of trying to tell the story from my point of view, I thought about what Trevor would want to see in his scrapbook. He didn't need to hear about the agonizing his parents did over whether to leave the original Pack, or the effort we put into making sure Trevor didn't miss out on any of the things a Cub Scout in an active Pack would do. He would want to see pictures of the cool things he did, with an explanation of where each picture was taken. So that's what I did. Simple, colorful, and a great visual reminder of his Tiger Year.


  1. I love it, and Trevor will appreciate you focusing on what fun things he did as a Tiger!

  2. I really like the way you decided to tell the story of his year in Boy Scouts. I'm sorry he had such a scattered experience. I hope this year is better.

  3. I am liking that you took this year he had as a positive ... one of the million things I love about you! This lo is gorgeous! LOVING all the photos!!!!!!!

  4. Great 2-pager. Sometimes it's hard to decide on the perspective to scrap the story...but I think the photos really tell the story here!

  5. I think you made the right choice... the pictures are happy so the journaling should be happy! You can always journal on the back from your point of view so that he has both stories!

  6. Awesome!! I love that you thought about the journaling perspective. It really is about what you want him to be able to read years from now. Love everything about this layout too! :)


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