Photo Blocks

My niece, Allison, celebrated her first birthday last weekend.

Because she lives about an hour away from us and about 1000 miles away from the members of our extended family, I wanted to make her a photo gift that features family members who don't get to see her often. So with that in mind, I bought a pair of Photo Cubes.

Each cube consists of two pieces of plastic that slide together to encase a heavyweight paper insert. I went through all my photos and found one of each family group in our extended family. Each side of the cube is approximately 3.25" square, so it took a bit of work to print the photos at the correct size, but once I did, it only took a few minutes to trim them down and attach them to the paper insert. I used photo tabs so that the pictures could easily be removed and updated. Here's what the finished cube looks like (excuse the bad photography):

Unfortunately, the corners on the cube are a tiny bit too sharp for unsupervised baby play, so this will be something that she looks at with someone. But that's ok, since the idea is for her parents to name each person for her, ask her to point to Aunt Cindy or Uncle Steve or cousin Trevor, that sort of thing.  

As I mentioned, I actually bought a pair of these. I don't have photographs of the family groups on Allison's dad's side, so by giving them a second Photo Cube, they can make one so that she gets to know all of her relatives.

I wish I'd thought to make something like this for Trevor when he was a toddler!


  1. GREAT idea! :) When one of my nephews was little, I made a plastic book for him with pictures of all of us in, with our names. My SIL used it as a teaching tool to learn to put the name "Mimi" or "Uncle Josh" with the person's picture. It was easy to clean his slobber off and he loved it! :)

  2. What a great idea! I loveeeeeeeeee this!!!!!!!!!

  3. That's a great idea. She is adorable!

  4. What a clever idea!!! She is so cute!!! :)


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