The 10 Minute Dollar Bill Dispenser

I've now shared four different ways I've given money as a gift, including the Cardboard Tube Dollar Bill Dispenser, the Tissue Box Dollar Bill Dispenser, the Knitting Kit, and Spelling with Dollar Bills.  All of them were extremely well-received.  The Dollar Bill Dispensers, in particular, have been pinned hundreds of times and been viewed many, many times.

I've now made each style of Dollar Bill Dispenser multiple times.  I've gotten faster over time, but both of them have painting and paint-drying steps that just can't be hurried.  So I decided to challenge myself to see if I could make a version of the Dollar Bill Dispenser in only ten minutes.

Ten Minute Dollar Bill Dispenser


  • empty Kleenex box 
  • wrapping paper 
  • Scotch tape
  • tissue paper
  • crisp dollar bills
  • index card
  • border punch
  • Sharpie

Step 1: Tape the dollar bills together end-to-end using Scotch tape.  I've gotten really fast at this over the past three months, but having mint-condition dollar bills is what really makes a difference.  Get new bills from the bank and you won't waste any time smoothing, unfolding, or lining up the bills.

Step 2: Use the border punch to put a decorative edge on the short side of the index card, write the word "PULL" on it, and tape it to the last bill.

Step 3: Wrap the Kleenex box in wrapping paper, keeping track of which side is the top.  (I use a post-it flag.)  After the box is wrapped, use the scissors to poke through the wrapping paper to reveal the opening of the Kleenex box.

Step 4: Roll up the dollar bills into a tight roll.  Hold the roll in your hand with the PULL tab facing up.  Place the tissue paper over the opening of the Kleenex box.  Gently push your hand into the Kleenex box, forcing the tissue paper into place and depositing the bills in the box.

Step 5:  Adjust the tissue paper to make it look ok and to make sure it isn't blocking the PULL sign.  The gift is ready to give!

This is a gift that's truly fun for all ages. Kids, teens, adults... everyone is delighted by a Dollar Bill Dispenser!


  1. So cute! Love all these dollar bill packaging ideas!! :)

  2. Such a cool idea Cindy! I love the photo of the recipient opening the gift.

  3. Fantastic design! Definitely going to make two of these for my twins' 11th bday on Valentine's Day next week. Thanks for putting in the time to perfect it.

  4. Sooooooooooo awesome!! I love love love love this!!!!!!!

  5. Another great design that I'll need to use for birthdays coming up! :)

  6. Cindy! You are so creative! I absolutely LOVE this idea, so much! Like Tanya, I am going to use it for birthday gifts, too. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with all of us! And thanks also for always leaving such nice comments at my blog too! Happy LOVE month!!! ♥

  7. You come up with the most brilliant ideas....wondering when one with $100 dollar bills will turn up in my mailbox? *winks*


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