Bridging to Wolf

At the end of each academic year, a Cub Scout moves up to the next rank.  This is called bridging.  In many Packs, the boys cross over an actual bridge during a ceremony to signify the transition from one rank to the next.  It's a big deal.  

Steve and I missed Trevor's first bridging ceremony.  Our anniversary is May 30.  Each year, we spend either the night of the 29th or the 30th at a B&B to celebrate.  We checked the calendar, arranged for Grandma to babysit, and booked our non-refundable room for May 29.  A few weeks later, we learned that the Pack that had taken us in would be having their bridging ceremony in the evening on May 29.  

Grandma took Trevor to his bridging.  She didn't take as many pictures as I would have, but no matter.  Two were perfect for telling the story.

A few notes about the layout.  I wanted to use the blue and gold of the Wolf rank for the layout. I had papers that were the right color, but no letter stickers or inks that were even close.  I did, however, have paint that was the perfect shade.  I stamped the title with paint, then did something I've never done before: instead of matting them, I painted directly on the edges of my photos to give the look of a mat.  While those were drying, I fussy-cut two small fleurs de lis and painted them the same blue.  It was fun to try something new.

For the record: Steve and I will both be there later this year when Trevor bridges from Wolf to Bear.  It doesn't conflict with our anniversary.  Instead, it's on Trevor's birthday!


  1. I like the clean look of this layout. Congrats to Trevor and his achievements!

  2. Congrats to Trevor...then and now!
    Great handmade touches! I would've been too scared to do that but you did a wonderful job!

  3. Congrats to him!! I loveeeeeee the photos and the colors!!!!

  4. Love the use of paint for the title. Great colours on a fab layout!

  5. YAY for trying new things! It looks great! :)

  6. Love this layout!! Especially love that you painted the edges of the photos -- so cool!! :)


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