Water Fun

I love taking photos from random events and tying them together into one layout.  In this case, it's all pictures of Trevor playing in the water last spring through fall.

My favorite part of the layout is somewhat hard to see in the scan, but it's the water droplets at the top.  I used Glossy Accents to extend the spray of water from the top middle picture, arching it so that it leads the eye to the photo of Trevor running through the sprinklers in our backyard.

Water play is a huge part of our summer most years.  Hopefully we'll get enough rain in the next few months that the drought won't prevent us from having water play this year.  I was young, but I can clearly remember California's drought from the mid-70's and how it impacted nearly every facet of our lives.  With severe limits on bathing, flushing, and irrigating, there was absolutely no water for playing.  I don't ever want to go through that again.

Anyone else remember drought restrictions, either from California in the 1970s or elsewhere at a different time?  I'd love to hear your memories.


  1. Cute layout! Love the way you grouped together pictures of the same theme but from different time periods! The glossy accents is a clever idea too!
    Since I have lived in CA most of my life I remember there being water droughts in the past... but only that we had them, not that it really affected anything I could/couldn't do. I was born in '75 though, so maybe I just remember stories, not the actually drought...LOL!

  2. Love how you extended the water spray - super cute and clever!!! :) I've lived in the Southwest and Midwest, and the only restrictions we've had were for watering your lawn ... even numbered addresses certain days, odd numbered other days. We have had a few of the shallower lakes dry up around here, but it hasn't impacted the ones we frequent too much (thankfully).

  3. Loveeeeeee this! LOVING the colors and the photos!!!!!

  4. Fun! I love the pops of yellow!

  5. What a fun layout -- love the way you added the water drops!! :) I am too young for the 70s drought... I'm hoping that we don't end up with that situation either... at least it has been raining recently. Hoping it continues for the next few months..... :)


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