Homemade Valentines

Growing up, I always made my own valentines.  When my classmates and I exchanged valentines in the 70's, I received a few store-bought valentines, but for the most part, kids made their own valentines.  By the time I was teaching in the 90's, the vast majority of the kids gave store-bought valentines.  There were always a few kids who made their own though, which I loved.  

Not surprisingly, when Trevor had his first valentine exchange (with his MOMS Club friends) at age two, I helped him make his own. He used the warming tray to melt crayons on paper, then I punched out hearts.  He cut random pieces of paper, glued everything together, added stickers, and was thrilled with his masterpieces (which, unfortunately, I did not photograph).

Age 2

When Trevor was three and in preschool, we attached stamped cards to crazy straws to give to his classmates and playgroup friends.  He spent a long time carefully choosing which friend would get which card, then writing out his friends' names and signing his own.

Age 3

When Trevor was four, we punched hearts, placed them on cards, spritzed with Glimmer Mist, removed the hearts, stamped the sentiment, and then he carefully wrote out his friends names and signed his own.

Age 4

Then, in kindergarten, Trevor came home with a note saying that all the kindergarteners would be addressing valentines in class as one of their writing stations.  We were supposed to send an unopened box of purchased valentines.  Purchased valentines.  Ugh.  I was actually pretty upset about it, but took him to buy a box.  I can't even remember what he chose.  He did make a few valentines for non-school friends and family, but I didn't take a picture.    

In first grade, I asked Trevor's teacher early about her valentine policy.  Trevor really wanted to make bunny-themed valentines, so I was hoping that purchased valentines wouldn't be required. Fortunately, homemade was not only acceptable but encouraged.  Yea!  Back to homemade valentines.  Trevor made these awesome bunny valentines.

 Age 6

This year, I asked Trevor what he wanted to do for his valentines.  I was hoping he'd choose homemade, but it's his choice to make, not mine.  Tomorrow I'll share what he decided.

What about you?  Did you make homemade valentines growing up?  Do you now?  What about your kids?


  1. I never made home made valentines.
    My mom wasn't crafty at all!
    When my son was younger, I never thought to make them because I was so used to buying them...the same goes for my daughter.
    Now both my kids are past the age of giving out Valentines. Oh well!
    Love all the different Valentines Trevor has made over the years!

  2. I love this post! :) One of my favorite things growing up was making Valentines, and seeing the ones I got from my classmates. I remember the year that the boy I had a crush on signed his with a "love," Ahhh, silly young kid love! :) I adore the pic of Trevor at 3, he looks so cute! And the bunny Valentines last year are adorable! I was trying to think why I didn't remember them, but I was quite busy this time last year. I'm looking forward to Valentine's Day this year so much! Can't wait to see what Trevor decided tomorrow! :)

  3. Love looking back at him creating his cards!! Brookie loves to make cards for her friends ... but for some reason ... she ALWAYS wants to buy her Valentine's .. weird, huh??? :)

  4. I love that Trevor is so involved...what a cutie.
    Valentine's Day is more of a marketing gimmick in Singapore...to sell to couples in love. I don't remember even making anything for friends as a child.

  5. I know, Cindy. We never bought Valentines, ever!!! I have tried to instill that with Katie and Anne, too. Sometimes they wanted to buy them, though. Sigh! I love that you shared Trevor's adorable cards over the years. I can't wait to hear what he decided!

  6. Could these be any cuter?! I love them all -- so awesome!! :)


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