Snake Cake and a Future Project

Trevor's Cub Scout Pack held their Blue & Gold this week.  Since we're relatively new to this Pack, this was our first Blue & Gold with them.  (We attended two different Blue & Gold celebrations during Trevor's Tiger Year, one I planned for the Pack we left, and one with the Pack that temporarily took us in.)  So it was a surprise to us when each of the boys was asked to bake and decorate a cake for a silent auction at the Blue & Gold.

Trevor wasn't sure what to make, so he and I sat down at the computer and scrolled through a bunch of images of decorated cakes, seeing if anything would inspire him.  He fell in love with this image of a snake cake.  It seemed manageable.  We'd bake a bundt cake, cut it into chunks, and arrange them to form a snake's body.  Then Trevor would pipe the frosting, add marshmallow eyes, chocolate chip nostrils, and a fruit leather tongue.  With a plan in place, we bought our supplies and waited until the big day.

We ended up having to have a much shorter snake than Trevor had planned, due to the fact that all completed cakes had to fit in a 13 x 9 inch cake box and we hadn't made a template ahead of time to test for size.  Oh well.  Despite being a bit stunted, it was still adorable.  Here is the Snake Cake just minutes after Trevor put it on the auction table.  Two bids already!

Here's a closer look from the top and the front:

Trevor was thrilled with how his cake turned out and proud that it brought in a good amount of money for the Pack. 

The cakes were fun and dinner was very tasty, but the highlight of the Blue & Gold was seeing the boys who had made rank go through their ceremonies.  Trevor and six other boys in Den 1 were awarded their Wolf.  During the ceremony, a red paw print was painted on their right cheek to signify their achievement.  

When a Cub Scout earns a rank, he receives a corresponding pin to give to his parent (traditionally, his mother) as an acknowledgement of the role that (s)he plays in supporting him through Cub Scouts.  Steve and I share Cub Scout parent duties, but I'm the one who gets the pins.

I've been storing my pins with our other Cub Scout stuff and wasn't sure if I was supposed to be wearing them or displaying them somehow.  After a quick search, I found a tutorial to make a pin necklace that looks great and seems easy enough for a sewing novice like me.  I love that it incorporates both the Cub Scout and the Boy Scout colors, with room for all the pins as Trevor moves up the ranks.  I have high hopes that in about ten years I'll be adding an Eagle pin to my collection.


  1. Ohhhhhh his cake just ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. AWWWWW! What a happy post! I love Trevor's cake so much and am happy that it brought his cub scout pack lots of money, too! and I loved seeing his smiling face with the red paw print! And the photo of you with him, too! (I can't wait to see the layout!)

  3. The cake is just sooooo cute!
    Glad you got a pin too...:)

  4. That is super cool, and WAY TO GO, Trevor!!! :)

  5. His cake is just so adorable and congrats to Trevor -- good job!!! :)


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