Foiled Birthday Button

In an ideal world, I would finish a project, then immediately photograph it, upload the photos, and create and schedule a blog post. Sometimes this happens. Often it doesn't. Many times, I make projects and set them aside to wait for better light. There's really no point taking pictures at night or when it's stormy out because the photos are going to be terrible and I'll end up redoing them. Sometimes I'm able to take pictures right away, but can't upload them and watermark them because I'm away from my computer. Sometimes I've finished a project, photographed it, added watermarks and even uploaded the photos, but other responsibilities mean I can't write the blog post right away. You get the idea. And if you're a craft blogger, I'm sure you have the same issues. Anyway, that's all a long explanation of why I'm blogging about a craft I made for Leap Day.

My sister-in-law, Teri, is a leap year baby. This year, she turned 36 in normal-person years, but it was only her 9th birthday. I made her a button to wear on the big day. Obviously, this project would work well for any celebrant, no matter how old or what time of year.

Foiled Birthday Button

Materials: gold paint, chipboard number, 2 chipboard circles (preferably one slightly smaller than the other), round punch (same size as larger chipboard circle), iCraft EZ Cut AdhesiveiCraft Deco Foil, ribbon, strong glue, safety pin

Start by painting the chipboard number gold. Set it aside to dry. Punch a circle from the EZ Cut Adhesive. Apply it to the larger chipboard circle. Rub gold Deco Foil over the adhesive, then gently lift the liner away. 

Cut two piece of ribbon. Glue them to the back of the chipboard circle with a strong glue, then glue the second chipboard circle to sandwich the ribbon. Glue the number to the front and the safety pin to the back.


The iCraft products I used were part of a large package of goodies that Therm O Web generously sent me after the FaveCrafts Blogger Networking Event. I'm already a fan of their adhesives, but their Deco Foil is new to me. It comes in a lot of fun shades, including rainbow: 

I've been having a lot of fun playing with it. Huge thanks to Therm O Web for your generosity!


  1. Loveeeeeee that button you made for her!! I would love to be a leap year baby!!!!!!! To say I was only 9 would be awesome! LOL!!!!


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