CreativeLive: #28toMake, Week 4

I have been having so much fun with the CreativeLive 28 to Make class! This fourth and final week was quite a bit different for me, because I did the assignments while chaperoning 4th graders at Coloma Outdoor Discovery School. We lived the life of the California Gold Rush, building a shelter, washing laundry on a washboard, bartering for ingredients and then making cornbread outdoors over a fire, panning for gold, hiking, exploring, enjoying a hoedown and much, much more. It was outstanding in every way. 

Whenever I had a few spare minutes while the kids were writing in their journals or otherwise occupied, I worked on my assignments. Monday's was to photograph a shiny object. It was presented in the context of finding beauty in an urban environment, but I went literal and photographed this:

It's a small portion of this plaque...

... at the base of this statue of James Marshall, who is credited with discovering gold at Sutter's Mill, which prompted the California Gold Rush. It remains, to this day, the largest single migration in US history.

Tuesday's assignment was to make your own marker. The example was to use a paper towel dipped in paint as a marker. I went with a much more natural option. I picked a few leaves and rubbed them on the paper to see what I could make.

I turned the paper over and experimented with different patterns. 

The next challenge was to make a postcard. I didn't bring any art materials with me except my small sketch pad, so I used a pencil to copy the CODS logo as my postcard.

Thursday's challenge was to address an envelope. Again, all I had was my sketchbook and a pencil. 

Friday's assignment was to hand-letter the phrase 'Keep Smiling.' I used a Sharpie that we'd brought along to help students label their belongings.

I made this week's Mad Lib while sitting beside the American River. The kids were doing a silent, reflective experience. I observed how thoughtful they looked as they sat on rocks beside the river. Canada geese honked in the background and the whole experience was very powerful.

I'm really glad that I completed all the 28 to Make challenges. It was a wonderful class and it prompted me to try things that were completely new to me, to make due with limited materials, to interpret assignments creatively and to put my own spin on everything. 

I've now completed a handful of CreativeLive classes and have been loved every one of them... so much so, that I am now an affiliate for CreativeLive. Basically, this means that if you purchase a class through the link below, I will receive a portion of the class fee. But don't forget that you can always take a CreativeLive class 100% for free by watching it live. It only costs money after the class has been archived.

As a new affiliate, I get to take any archived CreativeLive class for free. I've been pouring over the options and don't know what to pick! I'd love some suggestions. Click the graphic above to browse through the hundreds of choices and let me know what you think!


  1. These are all fabulous!! And yes, still smoke free for me ... 2 years this past January :)

  2. How can you possibly choose?!?! There are so many.

    I haven't taken any classes from them yet, but I signed up as I have been following your 28 days. They have a great selection!

    And what a great trip for the students! Nothing like real, hands-on learning. :)

  3. I love how you constantly challenge yourself creatively! Enjoy your classes!


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