"I'm a Little Teapot" Craft

I can honestly say I've never done a teapot craft before. I'd intended to turn a fuzzy red pom pom and a red pipe cleaner into some sort of alien or monster, but I kept seeing a teapot instead. So I went for it.


Pom Pom Teapot

Materials: pom pom, pipe cleaner, wire cutters, glue

Using the wire cutters, snip a 1/2" piece of pipe cleaner and set it aside. Trim two 1.5" pieces of pipe cleaner. Bend one into a C to form the handle. Bend another into a J to make the spout. Glue them in place. A hot glue gun* makes the job quick and easy, but craft glue works too. Just give it plenty of drying time and provide support to the handle and spout while they dry.

So what does one do with a doll-sized teapot? I suppose you could use it for a doll's tea party. But I actually think it would be best as an activity at a pre-teen girl's themed birthday party. School-age kids would be old enough to cut pipe cleaner and use hot glue. Glue it to the top of a pencil for a super cute party favor!  

*At CHA, I tried out the AdTech Mini Precision Pro Glue Gun and felt in love. The fine tip was awesome. What a world of difference from a standard glue gun! And I love that it has a base and sits upright. If you'd like to get one, please consider using my link as I'll receive a small portion of the sale. Thanks!


  1. This is a super cute craft! It would be awesome to make at a tea party. Too cool!

  2. Ohhhhhhh this is sooooooooo fun!!! LOVING it!!!!!!!!!


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