Miniature Edible Jelly Bean Bouquet

Here's a fun and easy gift idea for spring! Or anytime, really. Because who wouldn't want a miniature edible bouquet made of candy to brighten their day? Nobody, that's who. Affiliate links below.

Miniature Edible Jelly Belly Bouquet



Pour your Jelly Bellies out on a clean surface. Pick out the shades that are best for flowers and leaves and set them aside. I used Cotton Candy, Orange Sherbet, Bubble Gum, Very Cherry, Lemon, French Vanilla and Green Apple. Eat the rest. Except for Buttered Popcorn and Top Banana. Those are completely disgusting.

Poke a toothpick into the end of each Jelly Belly, except for the green ones. Use the knife to split each green Jelly Belly lengthwise, then stick each half horizontally to one of the green toothpicks where leaves would be. It's sticky enough to stay put if you press a bit. Set the toothpicks aside.

Squeeze the marshmallow so that it is smaller in diameter than the condiment cup. Place it in the cup and sprinkle the mini M&Ms around it so the marshmallow isn't visible through the cup. Add extra M&Ms on top to hide the rest of the marshmallow. Now, poke the toothpicks into the marshmallow as if you were arranging flowers. Put them at different heights and mix the colors around. Finally, add a bow. It's ready to give to someone special!

Here's a photo of the bouquet in my hand to give you a sense of scale:

I didn't take photos of the intermediate steps because I was experimenting with a lot of things and wasn't sure what would work. Instead, here's a photo of what it looks like when you pull the marshmallow out of the condiment cup after you've given the completed bouquet away and it's ready to eat.

I could see making a bunch of these as party favors or place cards. I imagine using just one color for all the flowers could be really striking. I might just have to make more of these. Good thing the Jelly Belly Factory is just down the road!


  1. Sooooooooooo clever!!!!!!!!!!! LOVING this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cute! So jealous that the Jelly Belly factory is right down the road from you!!!

  3. How cute! LOVE the happy bouquet!

  4. What?!?! No love for the Buttered Popcorn? That's one of my faves!
    Such a cute idea...hoping we get to the factory one of these times we travel up north.


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