Bunny Week, Day 3: Egg Bunnies

Here's another fun bunny-themed craft. It couldn't be easier.


Egg Bunnies

Materials: eggs (raw or hardboiled), towel, black and pink pens or colored pencils

Let the eggs sit at room temperature for 30 minutes or so. Wipe any condensation off with a towel. Use the black pen or pencil to draw ears, eyes, and a mouth on the pointed end of the egg. You can also add front feet if you wish. Draw a bunny tail on the rounded end. Add a pink nose and fill in the ears with a bit of pink.

We used a black Sharpie and a pink LePlume for the bunnies at the top of the post.

Colored pencil works really well, but the features are paler.

Of course, if you want a different colored bunny, you could dye white eggs first with Easter egg dye or other food coloring, or start with brown or other shades of chicken eggs. Enjoy! 


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