Aggie Pride

This week, Trevor is doing a robotics day camp at UC Davis. Rather than waste time driving home and back while he's at camp, I'm hanging out in the library. In fact, I'm typing this on my laptop in what was the card catalog room when I was a student here. Things have certainly changed since I graduated 20+ years ago! 

I don't have too many opportunities to come to UCD anymore, but it's always a priority for us to return for Picnic Day. It's so much fun. 2015 was especially fun, because Steve's manager (Andy) was in town, visiting from England. It was really cool to introduce someone to UC Davis who had never been here before. 

Trevor was proud to show off "his" college as well. Fingers crossed that UCD will still be his choice in 7 years. It would be awesome to have a deRosier trio of proud Aggies.


  1. Loveeeeee this! LOVING the colors and the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That's neat that you and Steve went to the same college and now Trevor wants to follow in your foot steps!
    Neither David nor I went to college so we do not have an alma mater. Guess it doesn't matter though because both our kids have big dreams: Joseph is studying to be a Dental Assistant and Madison (so far; she's only 14)wants to be a Veterinarian.
    Love the grid design of your layout w/ the little photo of Trevor cut-out and placed at the top!

  3. What a good use of your time while he's at camp and I'm sure it brings back memories!

  4. YAY! That's so cool that you went to the same college as your hubby! I love this layout - the design is perfect for the photos and your journaling is wonderful, too!

  5. Love the blue mat here...really draws the eye to the photo collage!


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