Washi Tape Stickers

Check out what I made using washi tape!

The deRosiers have been having great fun making washi tape stickers recently. It all started when Trevor bought this book:

I'm a big fan of the Klutz books. They feature clear directions, large photos, and plenty of helpful tips. Each comes with pretty much everything you need to do the project. In this case, the book includes six rolls of washi tape, a pen, dozens of patterns, and the sticker backing paper. The only thing you need that it doesn't include is a pair of scissors. 

Here's a small sampling of what Trevor made independently the first day he got the book. Unfortunately, he put his stickers on the back of a word search he'd made, and the grid and word list show through on the scan. But it gives a good idea of the variety of stickers you can make the very first time you pick up the book.

Since that first day, Trevor has been putting his stickers onto cards, or leaving them on the backing paper and giving them away. Every time a friend or relative comes over, he pulls out the Washi Tape Stickers book. It's been a hit with everyone so far!

I highly recommend the Washi Tape Stickers book for the children, teens or adults in your life. The book is recommended for ages 8 and up, although younger children could make simple stickers with just a little bit of support. At less than $15, it makes a great birthday or Christmas gift. If you do purchase one, please consider clicking the image below. It won't cost you any more, but a small portion of your purchase will help support my blog. 

Thanks, and enjoy! I would love to see any washi tape stickers you make. It's addicting!

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