Another deRosier Cooking Challenge: The Grilling Mystery Basket

Time to get back to the 40-4-Steve birthday challenge! I have some catching up to do. For item #7, Trevor and I prepared a grilling mystery basket for him. As we browsed the aisles at the store, we pondered what ingredients would make a nice balance of challenging but not too hard, coupled with yielding something we'd actually want to eat for dinner. Trevor was adamant that Steve would not be allowed to use ANY heat source besides the grill. We settled on lavash, artichokes, oranges and eggs: 

As is tradition, I made Steve wear the toddler-sized toque for the Big Reveal:

Steve jumped right in and prepared orange-marinated rib-eye with romaine and tzatziki in warmed lavash. On the side was grilled artichoke with a squeeze of orange. The plate was garnished with chopped chives.

The judges (Jonna, Trevor and me) thought it was delicious and cleaned our plates. We loved the hint of orange throughout the meal and the grilled artichokes were fabulous.

However, we didn't feel the artichokes were an integral part of the dish. The lavash was not transformed in any way. And where were the eggs?! Trevor made a scoresheet and wrote down each judge's scores. 

And then Steve presented his dessert course: a custard-based orange ice cream. There are the eggs! And yes, he did cook the custard base in a pan on the grill.

Here's the layout:

More of the 40-4-Steve challenge coming soon!


  1. How fun! LOVING the ingredients you picked for him! And loving the page you made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love the page; love the almost all white w/ the pop of green and orange! The food looks and sounds so yummy too... although I think the challenge was a bit too easy! My favorite part of this blog post?? Steve in that hat! He is stylin' LOL!

  3. Love your family cooking challenges. The food sounds yummy!


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