The Longest Line, with Complementary Colors

Trevor brought home his art portfolio on the last day of school. Before he let me look at it, he wanted to teach me how to make a project he called 'The Longest Line, with Complementary Colors.' About 10 minutes later, I had this:

It turns out that Trevor and his classmates made a much more intricate version, so intricate that he didn't have enough time to finish the coloring in class.

I like the simplicity of mine, not to mention the reasonable amount of time it took to finish. Trevor thinks the detailed one is far better. After all, the project is called 'The Longest Line'... so it simply won't do to have such a short line. He offered to make a new version, stopping at each step so I could scan and share. 


The Longest Line, with Complementary Colors

Materials: paper, pencil, pen, ruler, colored pencils or markers

1. Use the pencil to draw one continuous line to fill up the paper. It should bend back and forth on itself, wiggling all over the place, but never crossing. Ultimately, it should meet back up at the starting point.

2. Use the pen and ruler to draw geometric shapes. There should be at least four shapes.

3. Color each shape using complementary colors (red/green, yellow/purple, blue/orange). Technically, the black/silver combination I used doesn't qualify, but Trevor said it was OK since my colored pencil set didn't have enough colors not to have to repeat one of the combinations.


  1. These are awesome! What a fun project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That's a cool project! There is always a time where we are waiting and looking for something new (and no tech) to do.


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