Little Passports World Coin Collection

Back in April, I mentioned my plans to buy the Little Passports World Coin Collection for Trevor's birthday. That's exactly what I did. Well, almost. I didn't end up having to pay for it. 

I'd contacted Little Passports to ask whether it was OK to follow my own affiliate link to do the purchase. Basically, that would mean me paying full price but then receiving a referral payment, thus resulting in what amounts to be a discount for me. The wonderful people at Little Passports offered to send Trevor one for free and asked us to do an honest review. I accepted. I've been so impressed with the quality of everything from Little Passports and was confident we'd like the World Coin Collection. 

Our honest opinion: We love it, and not just because it was free. I would happily have paid full price for what we received. The World Coin Collection costs $19.95 and comes with everything you see here:

There are 20 uncirculated coins from around the world. Each is packaged in clear plastic with a label indicating its country and value. There is a 10-page activity booklet with fun coin-related activities and trivia. There is a magnifying glass and a handy storage pouch. 

After opening the package, Trevor jumped right in to get a closer look at his coins. He recognized the Canadian dime right away- there's one in his Travel Binder- but the other 19 weren't familiar to him. In fact, a few of the countries weren't familiar to him. We looked them up together.

Trevor spent the next hour inspecting all the coins and doing every page of the activity booklet. He really liked using the magnifying glass to determine which of the pictured coins were accurate and which were fakes.

As he continued to work with the magnifying glass, he noticed that when he held it far away, the images turned upside down. He scurried off to research why. Here's an excellent experiment and explanation.

This coin collection kept Trevor entertained for a long time, but more importantly, it led to him doing further research about geography and physics. He is excited to collect new coins when we travel to add to his collection. I highly recommend the Little Passports World Coin Collection!

Here's what Trevor (age 10) has to say about it:
I got a coin collection for my birthday from Little Passports. It includes 20 different coins from around the world. it also includes a booklet talking about the coins and has activities. Two of my favorite activities are the coin maze, and the coin facts are fun also. In the maze you have to answer questions to figure out what queen is on a certain coin. The facts ask you questions and you have to find the coin and answer them. It's a lot of fun. It is best for ages 6-12.
If I have any criticism of this collection, it's that the activity book could be longer. Trevor zipped through the activities and could have kept going and going! I might have to make up some challenges for him... or better yet, have him make up questions for me.


  1. How fun! What a great way to learn about other countries!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That's cool! It seems like a good value, too.

  3. What fun! And of course Trevor's favorite part was a maze! I was planning to get this for my nephew's 7th birthday and ordered it today based on the review.


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