Bunny Week 2017: Tissue Paper Topiary

Welcome to Bunny Week 2017! Bunny Week is an annual tradition here at My Creative Life. Each March, I dedicate a week of the blog to all things rabbit. It's like Shark Week, but fuzzier.

I'm starting Bunny Week off with the craft inspired by the Little Passports Rhode Island State Journal. Their version was elephants and unicorns. Ours, bunnies. Obviously, you could make any animal you want. 

Tissue Paper Topiary


  • Chipboard (a cereal box works well)
  • Scissors
  • Green tissue paper
  • Pencil with eraser intact
  • Glue

Draw the bunny on chipboard and cut it out. Then cut the tissue paper into 1" squares. Take one tissue paper square and wrap it on the end of the pencil. Dip it in glue. 

Press the pencil with the glued tissue paper on it firmly against the chipboard rabbit. When you lift the pencil, the tissue paper stays behind. 

Now just repeat, repeat, repeat. Here's my rabbit around the halfway mark. 

And here it is, all filled in. 

The final step is to give your topiary a trim. Clean up the edges to define the shape, then trim the height to make it uniform. 

 Here's the finished topiary.

And in case this isn't enough bunny crafting for you, here are four more of my favorite bunny projects. Click the photo to go to the tutorial.


Happy Bunny Week!


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